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  Giving to the Library

       Peking University Health Science Library has attached great importance to the donation; it warmly and sincerely welcomes the munificent donations from teachers and students, alumni, social groups and all people, including endowment and donations of all types of literature materials. Peking University Health Science Library has a mission to be a world-class innovative modern academic library in the near future. But we are facing many challenges and difficulties especially the limited budget. We need more books, journals and other collection materials to meet the increasing information requirement from research and teaching work. We are striving to enhance the facilities to improve the study environment of the Library. We need all kind of helps and supports from our readers, alumni and society to realize our great goal that will benefit the medicine and education development of China. Peking University Health Science Library will remember and thank those who make contribution whether more or less to PUHSL for ever.

For more information on avenues of giving, please contact:

Administration Office
Phone: (8610)82801268 Email:

Acquisition & Cataloging Department
Phone: (8610)82801113 Email:   

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